#Banyas massacre. May 2013. #Syria – never forget

The past few days marked 4 years since the horrific massacre in Banyas. At that time I shared every image that was released because I felt so guilty of being safe as my people faced the most gruesome and brutal of massacres. The images continue to haunt me.  Entire families were slaughtered using knives and […]

“Together for Syria” by @SyriaUK #Syria #SOAS – get Syrians to tell you what’s going on. 

Great event by Syria Solidarity Movement in London called “Together for Syria” bringing voices from Scotland to Manchester to London.           It covered enforced disappearance by former Syrian activist in Damascus: Muzna Al-Naib, advocacy and policy making by Yasmine Nahlawi from Rethink Rebuild Society, medical situation and aid work by SBMS by Dr […]

#Refugee welcome training. A weekend well spent #Syria @CitizensUK #refugeeswelcome

A productive weekend spent brainstorming and planning with other leaders on how to coordinate our local efforts for Syrian refugees, for those arriving though the UNHCR vulnerable person scheme and for those who have already arrived. Wonderful people from all over Britain and from different backgrounds and religions came together for one common cause: humanity. […]