#Syria – 6 bloody years. But I try & know…

6 bloody years. I close my eyes and:
– Try to count who we lost.
– Try to count who is missing and might reappear one day.
– Try to count how many gravestones I am to visit in the future.
– Try to count the homes my family lost making them homeless.
– Try to figure out how my family will survive as their only source of income .. land .. was burnt to the bottom.
– Try to keep count of the displaced relatives and where they are as they are constantly fleeing to new areas running away from bombs and threats. 
– Try to believe that those cousins who have lived in tents for years now, will have a decent future at some point.
– Try to hope that all the relatives dispersed across Europe now will at some point reunite in my grandmothers home in Syria.
– Try to think how the injured relatives with limbs blown off by war planes and missiles, will manage.
– Try to think of long term management strategies to support the dozens of little orphans in our family even though I know there are hundreds of thousands of orphans that need help. 
– Try to believe that the Assad regime will, one day, pay the price.
– Try to believe that those who tortured my dads brother and his son, my 16 year old cousin, my husbands uncle, my 3 friends, my cousins husband, my other cousins husband, my other cousins husband, my dads 7 cousins all to death .. will pay the price.
– Try to believe that those monsters who tortured my husband, my cousin, my other cousin, my 8 friends, my 16 year old cousin, my uncle, my dads several cousins will pay the price.
– Try to believe the different mafia groups from Lebanon and Iraq and Iran and Russia who executed our loved ones with knives and hammers and used rape as a weapon of war, will pay the price.
– Try to believe that once Syria is cleared of the original terrorism that is Assad and his allies, the newer terrorist groups such as ISIS will pay the price/dissolve. 
– Try to believe that the opposition will one day be for real, and represent the real Syrian people and their beliefs. 
– Try to understand that there can never be a real solution in Syria as long as the man who burned his country and people to the ground still sits at the negotiation table. 
– Try to hope that Assad and his terrorist allies such as Nasrallah and Khomeini and Putin will be wanted for war crimes soon. Oh and America of course.
– Try to always be the voice of the voiceless in Syria.
– Hate how the number of dead in Syria froze at 500000 when the UN stopped documenting them and so everyone who died since then didn’t exist…the number exceeds a million guys come on. 
– Know that the UN is also a hand in the destruction and starvation of my country. 
– Know that some have only felt the pain of Syria recently but my family have felt it from day one when the regime massacred our villages. Maybe that is why we are more able to deal with the horror on TV daily…6 years makes you numb.
– know we all have a role to play once Syria is free, documenting mass graves, rehabilitating tortured and raped detainees, supporting amputees and orphans…etc
– Know that God is powerful above all and He can make everything better. 
– Know that the amazing activists on the ground in Syria will always be my heroes and will always be number 1 when deciding on a future for my country. 

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