This is why the new “agreement” will fail. By @TheSyriaCmpgn #Syria #Russia #ISIS #Assad

Dear Razan,

You may have seen the headlines already. World powers agreed late last night in Munich to deliver aid to besieged areas in Syria and for a ceasefire to start within a week.

Of course this would be brilliant if it turned into reality, but there are unfortunately serious reasons to be sceptical.

First among these is Russia’s bombing campaign. Since the beginning of this year, Russia has killed more civilians than the Assad regime, Isis and Al-Qaeda combined, according to statistics from the Syrian Network for Human Rights. [1]

Last night’s ceasefire agreement does not cover attacks on Isis and Russia has been using this excuse to target civilian neighbourhoods, far away from any Isis areas. [2]

In short, Russian bombs are not part of the deal. If these attacks continue, there can be zero hope of a lasting ceasefire or a negotiated peace.

On the sieges, there is perhaps more hope.

There will be a new humanitarian group, including Russia and the US, which will report every week on the aid deliveries to these areas while pushing all sides for access. That does not guarantee this food and medicine will be delivered, but it certainly provides us with greater transparency and the ability to pile on the pressure if these promises are broken.

None of this would have happened without a public outcry on sieges.
The pressure on governments and the United Nations has made starvation sieges a leading issue in the past month, despite being used as a weapon in Syria for years. You played a key part in that.

The coming days will be critical. To see whether these statements in Munich turn into lives saved on the ground, we’ll be monitoring progress with partners inside Syria and keeping you updated.

To brighter days,


PS here’s a post on Facebook you can share to help explain what’s needed.


[1] SNHR report on casualties in January 2016

[2] Time: Russian Airstrikes in Syria Seem to Be Hurting Civilians More Than Isis

For more on our campaign to break the sieges, visit:

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