Doomed before it even begins. #Genevatalks #Syria #UN

Seriously..watching the “peace talks” (in other words “negotiation” with the murderous Assad regime) take place without the presence of the Syrian opposition is sad but expected. 

Why aren’t they attending? Because they asked prior to the talks for every siege to be broken on the areas starving due to regime and pro-regime militia groups and to stop the bombing of civilians with barrel bombs and Russian planes – but the Assad regime and Russia/Iran ignored and continue to starve and bomb civilians. How can negotiations take place when civilians are being starved and bombed indiscriminately at this exact moment? 21st century and we are watching people die of starvation due to man-made siege. 

This is the 3rd set of negotiations and I think every Syrian knows how it will end. Annan resigned and Brahimi resigned and now De Mistura..well he told the Syrian people yesterday “we do not know who is bombing you” .. So good luck on the peace talks with him heading it. 

We want the bloodshed to stop and end but it is so hard to negotiate or try to talk peace with a dictator and his supporters who killed my family and thousands upon thousands of families. Who still tortures people in detention and rapes detainees daily, who starved civilians and uses barrel bombs to hit market places and schools. Who rejects he and his government have done any of what I listed above, they only kill terrorists. Didn’t realise my 14 year old cousin was a terrorist when he was killed under torture in Assad detention! 

The world is paralysed and unable to firmly say – the Assad regime and its terrorist foreign fighters from Iran and Russia and Iraq and Lebanon are documented and proven with evidence as the main cause behind the death, injury, starvation, destruction and displacement of Syrian civilians. 

The UN agreed with Assad on the proposed document to be handed forward, removing the word siege or beseiged from it. The UN has and continues to allow the Assad regime and Russia and Iran to commit crimes with no accountability. The UN are as criminal as every brutal dictatorship/genocide-causing-government from Bosnia all the way to now. 

To hear the talks start with “please we want all sides to let us get food to the besieged areas” is like knowing a man is raping a lady every day and knowing the location and asking politely “please stop, please let us in. Ok we will come back tomorrow and ask again”. Sickening absolutely sickening. UN are traitors and have played a direct role in many of the deaths taking place in Syria today. The UN and international governments worry and talk only about Daesh and foreign fighters for Daesh yet we don’t talk about the over 60000 Iranian and Iraqi and Lebanese militia on the ground causing massacres from my dads area Jobar till today in Madaya and other places. 

Will wait and see what happens today at 4pm Geneva time. Without the opposition – speaking to Russia and Iran and Assad representatives..the future of Syria will not and cannot be decided, it is failed and doomed before it begins. 

It is Friday, praying for a miracle and a turn of tables x

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