My name is Dr Mohamad Maktabi and I died under torture. #Syria #SaveTheRest #Assad

My name is Dr Mohamad Maktabi. From Aleppo. A father to 5 children.

This picture? Oh it is when I was first detained by the Assad regime in the airforce military branch. There was a protest at my clinic door and the Shabiha / regime militia attacked it and there were so many injuries. I went to help and was taken. But I didn’t die! I was released and this is my picture below.

But doesn’t end there. I was detained again. Except this time my torture was so brutal. So painful. I am human, there is a maximum to how much I can take, right?

I died under torture in the same branch I was taken to the first time. My body was dumped in Aleppo University Hospital among several tortured and dead bodies. 

My 3 brothers came to try identify me. You can read below how they described me. My name was written on my foot in ink. I was then taken to be buried and meet my Lord.

I am not the first doctor or last doctor to be tortured and killed for helping injuries in this war.

Remember those still suffering till today. 

“Six months after Syrian secret police officers led Dr. M. Nour Maktabi away from his Aleppo clinic, the morgue at the university hospital summoned his family to collect his corpse.

At first glance, his three brothers thought it was a mistake. When they had last seen Dr. Maktabi, in May 2012, the 47-year-old chest specialist weighed a doughy 200 pounds. The dead man was covered in wounds and emaciated, weighing less than 100 pounds — “a bag of bones covered in flesh,” as his younger brother Wadah put it.

But on closer inspection, the brothers found Dr. Maktabi’s name inked in small letters on the bottom of one foot.”

Full article: 

In Syria’s Civil War, Doctors Find Themselves in Cross Hairs

Dr Mohamad Mktabi. Photo: 1st detention (detained for treating injuries in protests). Detained again, killed. Body in Aleppo university hospital 


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