“Together for Syria” by @SyriaUK #Syria #SOAS – get Syrians to tell you what’s going on. 

Great event by Syria Solidarity Movement in London called “Together for Syria” bringing voices from Scotland to Manchester to London. 


It covered enforced disappearance by former Syrian activist in Damascus: Muzna Al-Naib, advocacy and policy making by Yasmine Nahlawi from Rethink Rebuild Society, medical situation and aid work by SBMS by Dr Nizar Hamudeh, refugees by me, former detainee and experience in regime detention by Scotland4Syria Dr Masri and the civil movement in Syria that began the revolution as represented by Haid Haid from Planet Syria. 

At the meeting, a man from Oxfam did say Syrians in the UK need to get voices across to more people. People need to be educated on the real situation and understand the real threat in Syria. If you would like to have Syrian voices at your events for the public or any government meetings please get in touch with either myself or these organisations:

@SyriaUK (Abdulaziz and Mark)

@Rethink_Rebuild (Yasmine Nahlawi)

@PlanetSyria (Haid Haid)

@tweets4peace (Razan)

Muzna Al-Naib by email. 

SBMS by email. (Dr Hamudeh)

Scotland 4 Syria by email. (Dr Amer Masri)

Several other UK Syrians who we can link you too including Kurd groups and Syrian groups across the Midlands. 

Help us get the message across, the real message and stop the war in Syria once and for all. 

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