#Refugee welcome training. A weekend well spent #Syria @CitizensUK #refugeeswelcome

A productive weekend spent brainstorming and planning with other leaders on how to coordinate our local efforts for Syrian refugees, for those arriving though the UNHCR vulnerable person scheme and for those who have already arrived.

Wonderful people from all over Britain and from different backgrounds and religions came together for one common cause: humanity. A lot of emotion, respect, love, hope and empowerment. From Edinburgh to London to Dorset to Wales, it was beautiful. All this feeds into the national efforts and now we are able to influence our councillors and as we have already done, influence David Cameron.

It made me realise how amazing civilian movements are and how effective uniting and working together can be in terms of changing society and policy. It also clears the way for (God forbid) any new wars that take place / in terms of the system in place for refugees reaching the UK. 

If you want to get involved​ let me know. There is something for everyone, irrespective of time. 

(The photographers are Bekele, Citizens UK and Sleiman)   

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