The forgotten women of our revolution. Dedicated to my dear @carolineayoub #Syria

Pray for the women still detained by the terrorist Assad please! xx


I love her more than words can describe. In 2011 when I was introduced to her online I was told “she is so stubborn please help us convince her to not use her name on Skype and not put her picture! They will kill her!” So I tried but yes she was stubborn but she was one of the purest Syrians in the revolution I ever got to know. I loved her from a distance. I would check on her and want to make sure she was okay. She was so hardworking despite the threat. We translated stuff and I helped where I could. She worked in areas where the regime was a killing machine like Douma but she truly showed us the meaning of unity and how both religions can come together under peace and love. When she was arrested I cried and told my mum see I’m safe and they’re all going one by one. Her name and photo made it easy for the regime. She came out almost a month later and sent me pictures of white legs with huge brown marks on them. Scabies at its worst. Like my fiancé it took him 6 months to get rid of the insects in his skin after being released from detention. She finally made it out. And she made it to France. And she managed to start her life slowly being normal again. She was already on the way to making one of the most important radio stations in the revolution Souriali and has worked so hard since leaving. She brings light to our house despite seeing her once a year but she is the smile on our faces. She doesn’t know how much we love her we cried in pain for her when detained and we cried of happiness when she came out. Caroline is one of the few female detainees who made it out alive and is one of the few women who define the beauty of the non violent movement in the revolution. She hurt the regime by her peaceful actions and it says a lot. She is so down to earth, so normal and never likes to describe who she is or what she did. She hurts daily as the females with her who were detained never made it out and are tortured till today. But to me she’s one of the heroes of this revolution – she’s our light 💗 @carolinemayoub

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