#Homs Governorate Council statement regarding #Russia attacks on the northern suburbs. #Syria 


In the name of Allah most gracious most merciful

A statement regarding the new intensified military action on Homs with the participation of Russian forces.
The northern suburbs of Homs were subjected to an intensive military attack on Wednesday 30th September 2015. The area was targeted with aerial shelling by Russian fighter jets and helicopters linked to the Assad regime and the whole area was also targeted with mortar shells and surface to surface missiles at the same time.
At the same time as this, the Alwaar neighborhood in Homs city had and was still being hit with shells which led to a horrifying massacre in a playground where children were dressed and playing on the Eid celebration for Muslims. The number of deaths was over 20 and most were young children.
The bombardment of the northern Homs suburbs on Wednesday 30th September 2015 led to the death of 43 people and over 150 injuries where most were civilians as most of the attacks targeted civilian grouped areas in the following suburbs:
· Zafaraneh
· Teir Maleh
· Talbisah
· Rastan
· Makramiya
· Ghanto
· Dar Alkabirah
One of the Russian targets included the point where bread and vegetables were handed out to the besieged families.
We hereby confirm and re-confirm that all of these areas in the northern suburbs of Homs are completely free of ISIS and contain no base or stronghold as per Russian claims.
Also, Russian claims that they are targeting any terrorist group in these areas lay hand in hand with the typical false claims by the Assad regime who consider anyone asking for freedom or standing against the regime as terrorists be it a civilian living in a free-area or a fighter against the regime in the Free Syrian Army.
The medical office of the Homs Governorate Council also confirmed that 46 amputations took place after the attack most of them were performed on women and children and elderly patients due to their homes being bombarded.
We, the Homs Governorate Council, call upon the international community to take responsibility in stopping this barbaric attack on the Syrian people that led to these civilian massacres and many before. We also consider Russia an occupying force in Syria and a partner in crime with the Assad regime in the shedding of blood of the Syrian people asking for freedom.
We also support all efforts made to stop these attacks and protect the civilians across Syria.
Homs. 01/10/2015

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