Statement by the Talbisah field hospital team regarding #Russia attacks on the area. #Homs #Syria


A statement by the Talbisah field hospital

Based on the situation at present in the area (Homs northern suburbs with a focus on Talbisah) we must clarify some very important points regarding what took place on 30/09/2015 where Russian planes targeted our city:
· The areas targeted by the aerial bombardment were home to civilians with no armed presence whatsoever.
· 18 martyrs arrived at the field hospital from them women, children and elderly. We have documented them all by name and video.
· 65 injuries arrived at this field hospital thus the number of deaths is likely to rise. Most of the injuries were women and children.
Based on the previous clarifications, there is no truth in what the media has been spreading regarding “targeting of terrorists” based on the simple fact that Talbisah city is under the protection of the Free Syrian Army only.
We warn, if this attack continues, that we will be facing a new humanitarian crisis due to the fact that this area is home to not only its own citizens but also displaced civilians from nearby. The field hospital can only handle so much under siege.
Bodies were still being removed from under the rubble until late on Wednesday due to the severity and strength of the bombardments on the civilian buildings.
The managerial team at the Talbisah field hospital.

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