Seeing as no-one wants our opinion, I’ll just share it here. #Syria #Assad #Refugee #ISIS #France #UK

The news yesterday was terrible.

A biased one-sided report by BBC from Assad military hospitals (where civilians were tortured to death for being anti-Assad like my fiance’s dad) and from the beaches of pro-Assad areas of Lattakia where they are able to see a clear sky unlike our family areas where all they see is smoke and barrel bombs.

The newspapers telling me PUTIN IS RIGHT! Oh yes…how wonderful..the man who helped bomb our cousins and friends and country is now right according to the British public? Because the terrorist ISIS is the biggest(?) threat?

Or how the French government will now work with ASSAD to bomb ISIS as somehow they are now the biggest threat.

Yes ISIS has committed war crimes including killing my cousins in any human mind can the biggest most powerful governments of the world tell me Assad is now the saviour .. He killed over 200000 and continues to kill daily. ISIS came about after the regime killed almost 100000 civilians. ISIS existed and grew as the regime didn’t bomb their areas…..The Assad regime bombed our civilian areas instead! Assad stopped bombing ISIS Raqqah as soon as it became an ISIS stronghold! We know this we have lived the uprising and war day in day out!

Please dear media and governments of the world..Don’t come tell us who is right or wrong as we know. And we want both terrorist parties finished.

But, Assad..the great! He detains and tortures thousands like my fiance and 12 cousins and rapes many like my friends who alhamdulilah (thanks to God) finally made it out and he sometimes kills under torture like my fiance’s dad and uncle and my cousin and my uncle and other cousin etc. He uses snipers to slyly shoot innocent people like my fiance’s sister leaving behind orphans and he starves an area and the children under a brutal siege where their bones start to stick out of their frail bodies.

How dare the world now tell us the refugee crisis is because of ISIS that exist in small areas and could be done for with a couple of drones – HOWEVER – all western hits on Syria targeted charity hospitals and other anti-government groups. Assad strongholds remain .. Strong?

It is a shame our families in their hundreds are being told “you are a refugee and welcome in Europe because you fled ISIS” when that isn’t the case as they fled in 2012 due to intense government warplane bombing before ISIS even claimed it existed..however our relatives in Europe have to listen to get the help they need.

We are in a terrible situation. A hypocritical world. A disgusting lie.

And who suffers? The babies of Douma stuck under rubble from Assad regime/Iranian/Russian planes..the detained having their back flipped in half every day through torture and listening to other women and men being raped in Assad regimes…the sick who due to siege have their body shrivel away and die slowly due to no medication..the forgotten/oppressed by the Assad regime.

Rant over. No one accepted to take our opinion in the papers today. Because they know what they want and they only want to hear what they want.

Assad is to stay. Hooray?

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