A lady has been identified and named among the tortured dead in #Assad regime prisons. #Syria


Link with photos: https://www.zamanalwsl.net/mobile/readNews.php?id=59034

A lady was spotted among the leaked photos (over 20000 bodies) tortured to death in Syrian regime prisons. There were also children and elderly. Today she was identified by her family. Detained 2 years ago. 

These pictures were leaked because a soldier in the Syrian army working in these detention centres defected and handed them to the UN. He used to take a picture of each body only known by a number written on their body or forehead. Over 20000 images of different bodies. 

Each body is uniquely tortured. Eyes bulged out. Electrocuted. Just yesterday a friends friend died as she was electrocuted in her head while in Syrian regime detention. Rape. Whipping. Flying carpet breaking the back and other bones. Strangling. Each body has pink and blue and purple designs covering their light coloured skin. Each a new symbol of the regimes brutality and sadistic torture methods ignored by the international community. 

My fiance was tortured and could have been among these people. But they pick and chose. And sometimes a persons strength to survive the torture saves them. Caeser (his code name) leaked these images as evidence but also to help us identify our loved ones. Many of my friends and family identified their friends and relatives. At least these are dead. The worst is our loved ones missing with no news. 

Pray for the detainee in Syria. There is a terrorist regime running the country. Immune to all condemnation. Able to do what it wants, all war crimes…and it is okay. 

Pray for Syria. The detainee. The woman. The child.

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