#ISIS. #Assad. Criminals? Both. Not one. Need to let some steam off. #Syria


Kenji wasn’t remembered or his killing condemned or his photo plastered in every British neespaper or his mother or wife shown crying .. As the Jordanian pilot was.

Let’s break it down to see why.

Both were horrible crimes and ISIS are exactly like the Assad regime, their tactics are identical and horrifying.

But the Jordanian pilot was in a plane involved in bombing Syria, not only ISIS. He was also bombing the North of Syria that led to 52 civilians: children, women and men being burnt under rubble.

Japanese Kenji on the other hand met many of my friends, he was a humanitarian and caring journalist. He taught them how to survive, he helped them expose Assad crimes and he worked with the children to make them happy in the war.

ISIS killed both.

The one who was in Syria helping civilians was rejected and ignored despite the video showing his head being chopped off.

The one who was involved in killing civilians and claiming to target ISIS was a hero and was in all newspapers and condemned by all human rights groups (which is correct).

Both killings are brutal and criminal.

But see where the world stands? When’s the last time you read about Assad crimes in a newspaper? Very long ago indeed. Actually there was an article a few days ago saying that Assad is still killing hundreds a day as media attention only focuses on small scale (but yes very terrible) ISIS crimes.

On the same day the Jordanian pilot was killed, there were 3 detainees handed back to their families tortured then burnt to death.

On the same day the Jordanian pilot was killed, the suburbs of Damascus were literally on fire as barrel bombs were dropped from war planes and kids were pulled out of the rubble with horrific burns, and still alive .. And .. No medical aid as under siege so they will die a slow painful death as others do daily.

Over the past 4 years we can list several massacres involving alive human beings being set alight. From Albayda in Banyas to Karam Al Zaytoun and Alhasawiya in Homs to Alqsoor in Deir El Zor to Jobar in the suburbs of Damascus. These were hands on massacres, separate from the constant indiscriminate bombing.

Why on that dreaded day was more attention paid to the terribly brilliant HD hollywood movie showing the Jordanian man being burnt alive by masked men quoting Islam and enjoying the pain inflicted on a human being?

It is to build fear of Islam. These terrifying masked fake MUSLIM men. To build fear of Islam even though they have broken every rule in Islam. Read the Quran properly (as an islamophobic French man said, I hated Islam and fought it to death until I decided to give the Quran a try and read it with an open mind and I can say it isn’t bad since I re-read it..or in fact read it).

It is to make the world feel (as many have told me): see what Syria will have if Assad leaves??? As though all the loss and crimes by Assad have vanished into thin air.

This is when I bow my head to those who created ISIS from the west and east, you did your job well. Keep Assad and “save us” from this small group called ISIS that could be destroyed in a day but you left them multiplying so that our only option would be .. Assad. As Alqaeda was started and funded, ISIS is the same.

The west have drone cameras that can see where leaders of other islamic groups are under the ground but they couldn’t see this theatre display in the desert involving a fire killing a human with hundreds of men in masks surrounding? The west have drones that can get the most accurate of destruction and from the sky are able to tell us where Assad army bases are but they did not see each execution or even the big parades of black masked men in Raqqa daily killing gays or women or men for things they decide are wrong or right?

Hope we can keep our minds open and know that as ISIS is criminal, Assad is also criminal. As ISIS has foreign people fighting. Those who killed my dads cousins were Iraqi and Lebanese and Iranian. As ISIS recruits from the Far East, the Assad regime has Afghans and Koreans and Russians too. So yes both are criminal and need to end. Not one side only.

Assad has remained silent at all ISIS crimes. Not a word. Perhaps we should question that too. He isn’t too fussed about a group destroying Islam and making him look bad.

Have a good day x

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