Charlie. Muslims and Jews. The harsh twisted game being played.

A patient today asked where are you from .. I said Syria .. She goes mhmm .. I live in Paris .. I said that’s nice .. She goes: So (in a patronising voice) .. Are you Charlie?

My face was all .. but I answered what I believe which is no I am not Charlie and will never be Charlie but I condemn the killings and believe those who did it were murderers and terrorists.

She then goes phew me too I am not Charlie and I believe we have the right to freedom of expression and comedy but offending your religion like that is taking things way too far.

Awkward moment considering people are treating us as Muslims in the street very differently, twice people have moved seats from next to me since and another gasped and changed carriages. The looks up and down and the talking and laughing. The fingers pointing and the shaking of heads. Yet somehow Theresa May only recognised increased threat on our fellow Jews and increased protection and security for them as she held the sign supporting them saying “I am Jew”…

We have always been peaceful with our Jewish brothers and sisters in this country and Europe and Muslims and Jews have never had any issues other than the Palestinian Israeli conflict. I think that bothered our lovely governments and so now they’re trying very hard to break us apart and create tension and problems. Jews get security forces sleeping in the school and 24 hour protection yet Muslim schools facing racism daily don’t get an extra blink of an eye. Jews should carry guns to protect themselves yet the number of attacks on Muslims have gone to 110% in France and in England it’s gone up too but no figure so far, way more than any other religious group or minority.

Newspaper articles bold and capitalise articles saying MUSLIM wherever they can, but I don’t know the background of other criminals..ever?

It’s sad they did this to separate us but I hope we rise above this and ignore the sick game being played and continue living at peace with one another. It’s sad people can read an article or watch the news and then swear at me for being Muslim the next day. And also it’s sad some Muslims react in such strange unislamic ways. It’s all strange.

Would I really be Muslim if it was all blood and fear and death? Come on.

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