Kobani .. Okay but what’s it all really about?! We aren’t stupid. #Syria

“Don’t be sad Allah is with us”

RANT – needs to be done sorry

Kobani? كوباني Yes I pray for their safety – Kurds were played by America making them run for their lives before ISIS even arrived … They weren’t even close before the borders packed with Kurdish kids and women and men …. Where was Assad and his planes to bomb the coming of these terrorists? Assad was too busy bombing our neighbourhoods .. Yes

All this attention was to pave the way for American and Arab involvement in Syria .. Yet again using the pretty card of minorities …. what about the dozens of other areas being battered to the bone for ages and till now .. Maybe if we add a K in front of them they may get some media or humanitarian attention ?

(K)Damascus suburbs and Ghouta
(K)Alwaar and Homs suburbs
(K)Hama suburbs
(K)parts of Deir Ezzor
(K)Idlib suburbs

Or (K)detainees in Assad prisons or (K)displaced Syrians not from minority groups or (K)starving children no one can reach …

An Assadi Iranian Russian Chinese Iraqi Lebanese American war on the Syrian people …. Yes and recently a Saudi and Qatari and Emirati and Western war on ISIS …… No war on Assad ….. No war on Assad …… No war on Assad ……

The guy who killed and tortured and displaced and hurt and raped and burnt and destroyed the Syrian people and their land …..

Hope my fiancé can one day share a small bit of what he experienced and saw in Assad regime dungeons so people can see the sick game being played …. Keep Assad in power but hit Islamic groups across Syria ….. Like they’re oblivious to the fact Assad had enough weapons to target these groups without foreign help because he already had foreign countries donating him planes and missile launchers on his birthday and Christmas …… But he didn’t hit the Islamic groups, he only hit civilians and FSA (not Islamic groups)

Note: By Islamic groups I refer to all but ISIS who have no link to Islam of course

Note x 2: ISIS were never hit by Assad forces and allowed to move freely, sell our oil and flourish in Raqqa where a fake Islamic state came about. Now you work that out.


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