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‪#‎Important‬ For the umpteenth time, values crumble and humanity slogans (adopted) by the international community grow bare, especially the Western countries, America and their Arab allies, as they show the deepest concern and shed tears that serve their schemes about the recent events in Kobani, known as (Ain Al-Arab), and we…

Alan ………… What do I say!!! :'( #Syria

I am so hurt and upset. بجاه هل يوم يلي راح الله يكسر ايديكم و يلعنكم و يحشركم مع كل طاغي و مجرم يا عملاء اميركا .. قتلتو الان ليش؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ لك هاد انسان اشرف منكم و انتو ألكم عين تحكو ب اسم الله والدين .. يا رب خلصنا منهم و احمي الشام و اقبل الان […]