Images of Saudi pilots involved in bombing Syria. Not ISIS. #Syria.

Terrorist Saudi Arabian pilots who are taking part in bombing Syria. They stayed asleep as Assad bombed us to bits but now come to the rescue … For their own agenda and out of fear.

When we said Saudi doesn’t want Assad out, many ridiculed us saying our revolution was started and funded by Saudi and Qatar. But we knew. Now, let the world watch as Qatar and Jordan and Saudi etc all take part in bombing Islamic groups in Syria not just the ISIS and kill civilians as they do so.

And Assad? Well his tv channel said yesterday .. He received a call before the campaign by USA and Arabs and … Assad welcomed it …..

There you are. Now put the pieces together. A story we knew from the start but pro Assads and others were convinced we were misled.

Assad is Israels baby. Arabs need him to stay. For their own sake.

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