Tell a baby #ISIS is more threatening than #Assad it will spit in your face. #Syria

Makes me want to dig a hole and bury myself away from this sickening hypocritical world. We are game pieces being tossed forward and back according to this dirty plan created by the west and it’s allies in the Middle East and surrounding areas.

If Assad had been removed or a buffer zone was created at least to help people flee from Assad violence maybe some of my family may still be alive. But no. ISIS is the real threat.

Someone put my sister Hiba aged 5 in charge. She has more heart and brain to run this world than these bastards.

“The Turkish army is preparing to create a buffer zone in northern ‪#‎Syria‬ to receive the refugees who fled the ‪#‎ISIS‬ advances, which has now controlled 60 Kurdish villages and are fighting to seize the Kurdish-majority Kubani town, Hurriyet Daily News reported”

Note: to my future children, make sure you say you’re from a minority..only then will your rights be protected and the world will blink twice at whatever happens to you.


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