Dear Lebanese army and government. Let Syrians leave. #Syria #Lebanon

Dear Lebanese army and government, You do not want Syrians in your country and trust me Syrians do not want to be in Lebanon and treated as filth. Let us leave. Stop detaining us because we do not have papers or passports. We fled rubble and torture. You don’t want us in your country. Let […]

Assad crimes in #Syria: Sunday 21/09/14.

Radio Free Syria A collection of LCC in Syria reports of Assad forces attacks, martyred opposition fighters, and civilians for 21-09-2014(2 hours remaining to amend later): ALEPPO -Banan Al-Hes town:Explosive barrels shelling by helicopters targeted Banan Al-Hes town. -Mogambo neighborhood: Many shells landed near Mael roundabout and Rawda Mosque in Mogambo neighborhood. -Qadi Askar […]