Save the tortured medical workers in #Syria prisons

The Assad regime releases detained Free Syrian Army members in swaps but not medical workers.

Medical workers are a red line for the Assad regime.

Detained medical workers helped they need us as there is no one to help.

The lucky who were released were released with broken hands for aiding injured and mutilated legs for standing to treat the injured. Past few days doctors have died under torture and many medical workers have died over the 3 years. Pharmacists and nurses and paramedics are all in danger too.

Help us help them. Lobby your MP’s and contact the UN and Red Cross. Get them to demand to see these detained medical workers. Demand the torture is stopped and they have access to medical aid for their treatment. Demand they are put for trial and released as there blame is like Dr Abbas Khan may he rest in peace, treating injuries in besieged areas. According to the Syrian law this is an act of terrorism.

Do what you can. If you need their names just ask. Let’s work for those who worked for others, now finding no one to work for them.

Pray for them too x

One thought on “Save the tortured medical workers in #Syria prisons

  1. Hi Rose, I am so sorry to see what it happening in Syria. I hope you and all your family stay safe. Those of us watching from abroad feel powerless to help, but we do care about what is happening. Yours, LC

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