Dear detainee in a Syrian prison cell. #Syria

Dear detainee in a Syrian prison cell do you realise it’s night time? Do you see the light of day? Do you remember what meat tastes like? Do they give you rotten soup every day? Insects and blood stained rice. Is it still the same? Does the torture end at night? So they let you sleep? Do you know we are now in a new year? Do you know what day of the week it is? Do you feel every hour is like a day with the torture? But our hours are flying like minutes. Do you get to shower? Or do they still attack you in there or force you to use ice cold water like before? Can you do wudhu? Can you pray or do they attack you? Is there someone you can cry to? Or are you in those small cupboards locked alone? Are you still being raped? Or did they start on someone new?

I feel your pain. Only based on what I have heard from those released. I’m so tiny before you all. I pray the day comes when you..over 300000 of you..women and kids and free..and your torturers pay a heavy price for raping and hurting you.

This is Syria. It’s not just about raising money for the hungry and cold. There’s a real battle we need to be involved in. One of it is ending the constant arrest and abduction of civilians. Ending the torture and lack of trial. Ending death under torture. Ending the rape. Ending the brutality.

There’s so much to do and it needs governments and human rights organisations involved. But if they’re scared of Assad, what can we do? We try. So if we save one’s better than none.


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