Going home..leaving heart here #Lebanon #Syria

Third visit to Lebanon for 2013 comes to an end, learnt a lot and truly wish I could stay and live with these people who despite their pain and awful conditions imediately ask you to sit down and start swearing by God you must sit and have some tea or coffee that is only enough for 2 or 3 persons and there’s dozens in the house. People who have seen death and rape and arrest first hand but still make you feel like you’re family. People who smile to hide their pain and tell you they’re okay only until you ask can I look inside and you see them cooking chicken necks with a tiny bit of chicken on it as its the cheapest to buy so they suck on the bone as much as they can to get what they can. People who in this freezing weather have no windows or doors, and when they get donations to fix plastic windows and a door the owner of the building says get out – thanks you did my house for me.

I love my people, true you meet liars and thieves and I think we know in every situation such people exist, but the majority my beautiful people the people of Shaam and the wonderful people of Lebanon who are doing all they can to help the refugees even if they’re a minority are in my heart always.

I leave and count the days to come back, hoping you all can continue to donate and collect so we can support more families. You got many prayers alhamdulilah and helped make a difference.

Lebanon reminds me of Syria but it isn’t Syria and it isn’t home. We will continue to support the people of Syria in Lebanon and continue to work to help them return. Looking onto Syria and listening to the bombs as my aunt told me the shells landed on her home in Lebanon at the borders makes you realise it isn’t just a war to kill but a war to displace and even chase the displaced to push them as far as possible from the borders ..سياسة تهجير

But they’re all going home..inshallah 🙂 soon..

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