A visit to the refugees in #Lebanon .. Truly awful. #Syria

Today we went to an area deprived of a lot of aid as its touching Syria and little people go there. My dads sister settled there, mother of two martyrs and her final son living with her. We went there and looked over onto Homs 5 metres away but it didn’t feel special or nice as we heard the shelling and we went round the families there, no windows living in the dark freezing in buildings empty of everything. Boiling water to make the kids think food is being cooked..remind of anything?Where are our leaders? Anyway Alhamdulilah some of your donations were spent in this area to support the families there so thank you. Will write more and share some photos once I’m back home, but one thing I can say is Lebanon is truly forgotten in terms of refugee aid work. Came back to Tripoli and saw my other dads sisters after over 4 years all now displaced, they live in Ersal at the Syrian borders hard for us to get there so they came down, she told us of the situation there how 80 families are living in wedding halls together. One of these aunts had her 16 year old son detained and the rest of her sons injured. My other aunt has her son a martyr. And the other has her son leading one of the most ferocious battles against the Assad regime in Homs.

Will write where your donations were spent in more detail once back to London, even though my wish is to never return and live among my people through thick and thin.

Thanks again, a lot of duas came your way today and yesterday from the families across two provinces.

Salam x

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