Proud of my cousins for staying strong x #Syria

Visiting my uncles wife, a widow now with left with her beautiful kids makes you thank God for all the blessings. She lost her husband and her sister lost her husband also with 6 kids. Her brother is detained leaving behind two little ones. They lost their homes and left with no papers thus not recognised by several aid agencies. She says I keep telling myself he is in Syria and coming soon..everything reminds me of him..

Proud of her kids who are now able to get an education after being out of it for so so long, now signed up in a Syrian school in Lebanon. Remember the needy of Syria, the need is great.

Inshallah Baba Amr/Jobar/Sultaniyeh/Kafr Aya return to the people so they can return soon and the rest of Syria inshallah.

One thought on “Proud of my cousins for staying strong x #Syria

  1. I’m so sorry for the loss of your aunt’s husband and her sister’s husband as well. So many losses are deeply traumatizing. I hope their children are doing as well as can be. Sending love to all of them, and inshallah things will be better soon.

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