Dr Isa and Dr Abbas..British doctors killed doing their job in #Syria

Dr Isa…congratulations..I am sure you welcomed your new companion with open arms..he carries the smell of shaam fresh to you..seeing as you have missed it for a few months..but you being buried in one of the most sacred areas on earth makes up for it..dear Isa..you and Dr Khan and others sacrificed everything to be from the first foreign doctors to head to Syria and treat injuries and sick..to play with the kids and support the widows and broken hearted. Why has God not chosen me to be like you? Something your sister taught us on Sunday was that we should make the most of where we are and what we have..I pray one day I can have your end..what better way to die than using medical profession to save lives..little can give up everything for the sake of something greater..especially Dr Khan who was tortured and hurt by the Assad regime for so long..I still pray the regime is lying and you are alive Dr Khan..but if you have left this world..your family are an amana for us all .. send warm salam to Dr Isa..I’m sure he welcomed you with open arms x


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