Aleppo #Syria.. Hell on earth


Over 100 civilians including many women and children were killed by exploding TNT barrels dropped from Assad regime helicopters and warplanes. On around 20 areas of Aleppo. This is not new, but today was a huge attempt to wipe out entire areas. Hundreds are missing under the rubble and hundreds are injured. Shame on the world and those who support Assad.

As one pro regime coward once told me: “it’s okay for the Assad regime to use planes to bomb areas, sometimes civilians have to die to wipe out terrorists”

Congratulations on killing over one hundred thousand Syrian civilians to wipe out what you call terrorists. Assad is the terrorist and so is anyone who supports him.

Rest in peace beautiful people..maybe it’s better you left as dying of the cold is more painful and Assad would love to watch you die slowly.

Rest in peace x

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