From Sri Lanka to #Syria..


Today I met survivors of the war of the terrorist Sri Lankan government .. Tamils who lost a lot…working in the local corner shop. See them daily yet knew nothing about them. They asked about my family and how they were and said regarding the situation in Syria “we know the feeling”. I told them the journalist Marie Colvin lost her eye covering their story and they said yes yes! And I said, Marie died covering our my neighbourhood in Syria..they nodded in silence.

Made me think how so many around us from Sri Lanka to Somali are survivors of awful wars and they all hold a story of pain inside. Now we join them, yet all I know is the suffering of my family and friends..I never lived it so I will never know..and never be a survivor..hats off to every person once oppressed by their government (that is meant to protect them) for keeping positive and making a life out of whatever they have and moving on.

The tears and pain remain in their eyes but they know one day a greater being will take their rights .. Prayers with the people of Syria. It’s really heartbreaking. Even the word heartbreaking doesn’t do justice.

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