1000 days..#Syria

1000 days of uprising in Syria. 1000 days of every power in the world playing with the people of Syria. 1000 days and the people of Syria are being killed and abused by different sects and nationalities and not just the Assad regime.

The past 1000 days changed my life..but changed the life of those who lived in Syria more..it has hurt but made smiles..it has brought tears but given hope..it has taken many family members and friends but given us places in heaven..it has ruined homes but made people unite and support one another..it has orphaned and widowed and tortured and injured and hurt and starved and froze .. But the people of Syria still smile despite it being broken .. They smile with a hope one day we will live with no dictatorship .. One day we will be able to rebuild their homes and schools and hospitals .. One day we will be the floor that these aching people walk on because we are nothing in front of them. 1000 days that made me a better person despite the pain. 1000 days, alhamdulilah for all the good and bad. God help those suffering.














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