Proud of my cousins for staying strong x #Syria

Visiting my uncles wife, a widow now with left with her beautiful kids makes you thank God for all the blessings. She lost her husband and her sister lost her husband also with 6 kids. Her brother is detained leaving behind two little ones. They lost their homes and left with no papers thus not […]

Merry (heartbreaking) Christmas..from #Syria

On this special day for Christians and others, please remember those who wish to be spending it with their families having food and laughing together but are spending it ducking barrels being thrown onto them from their own governments aircrafts. Remember those spending it hungry and homeless in the freezing cold. Remember those spending it […]

Aleppo #Syria.. Hell on earth

حلب… Over 100 civilians including many women and children were killed by exploding TNT barrels dropped from Assad regime helicopters and warplanes. On around 20 areas of Aleppo. This is not new, but today was a huge attempt to wipe out entire areas. Hundreds are missing under the rubble and hundreds are injured. Shame on […]

From Sri Lanka to #Syria..

Today I met survivors of the war of the terrorist Sri Lankan government .. Tamils who lost a lot…working in the local corner shop. See them daily yet knew nothing about them. They asked about my family and how they were and said regarding the situation in Syria “we know the feeling”. I told them […]

1000 days..#Syria

1000 days of uprising in Syria. 1000 days of every power in the world playing with the people of Syria. 1000 days and the people of Syria are being killed and abused by different sects and nationalities and not just the Assad regime. The past 1000 days changed my life..but changed the life of those […]