What has become of #Syria :(

Every day we lose more and more great people, most of those who were involved in the revolution from the start have gone..either dead or detained or missing or fled due to threat .. The beautiful revolution it was despite the horrific actions of the government .. And the armed revolution it became to defend people .. Most of the good ones left us in some way or another .. Men and women .. Muslim and Christian .. Adult and child.. They worked hand in hand to overthrow Assad using beautiful artwork to colourful protests facing bullets and warplanes and chemical attacks .. Those ruining this revolution using violence against other than the armed forces of Assad+those who support him do not represent our revolution .. The armed men who defected from the Assad army or left their studies to join the battle against Assad forces and his foreign militia groups are the ones who will help free Syria ..

Yesterday we lost 5 media activists including محمد السعيد, the people who risked everything to let YOU know what was going on..like Mazhar Tayara and Youssuf M. Alakraa and Omar Homsi and many others who died trying to bring the truth to you all. Pray for syria and support those in need including the displaced and refugees especially those who no one is reaching them .. inside syria deep into syria not at the borders and places like Lebanon and Jordan and others.


3 thoughts on “What has become of #Syria :(

  1. They did what they did to serve the truth anyone who serves the truth will be rewarded greatly bi idn illah. They have won and those of us who have done nothing are the one’s who truly lost. I have no doubt that Syria will be free and Bashar and those with him will be brought to justice. This day is coming and we are closer to it with every passing moment.

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