Urgent action needed. #Syria

Dear all, this is an urgent message please please read to the end.

You may know that there has been a huge influx of Syrians into Ersal in Lebanon, a poor secluded area on the borders to Syria. Tens of thousands of Syrians have fled violence and are pouring into this tiny area sleeping in the streets, barns, schools, mosques, roads, alley ways in this freezing weather. Why is this bad, because Lebanon allows almost no charities to work for Syrians and refuses to accept Syrian refugees thus only individual support reaches the thousands in need.

What are the two urgent things we need to raise for:

1. £50 helps take a family out of the hell in Qalamoun in Syria and into Lebanon – the situation in this area is beyond horrifying and so Syrians need to seek refuge ASAP it is a matter of saving lives. We aim to cover 100 of the most at risk families in the next few days please please open your pockets and donate.

2. £500 to help support the family once in Lebanon either to rent a room or support themselves with food and clothes and medicine.

You can donate for one or the other or part of one or the other. Please, please spread the word – whoever saves a life it is as though they saved humanity – these are the words of God in the Quran.

Please, get in touch on my phone or here inbox me – lets do our bit in front of God for these people who are freezing and under a different kind of rain, bombs. X

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