Detainees of #Syria..the forgotten


And I ache..ache..cry..ache..for the battered detainees of Syria..those I know and don’t know..wishing you all die so your torture and rape ends..

Bashar Al Assad is not a is legal to skin humans and use oil to burn them is legal to push rats into women’s vaginas and hang women naked by the hands from the ceiling while groping her and molesting her for is legal to rape women and have them give birth in prison with no medical aid and only rotting insect infested food to is okay to use pliers to pull out eyeballs and fingernails and toenails its’s alright to twist their backs until broken and leave them to die over a few weeks of the pain with no’s okay to inject them with all sorts and watch them die’s okay to turn their white backs purple and black of bruises in their “welcome session” in’s okay for a guard to kill a young man under torture then take his bloody shirt to a female detainee who has been crying for pads during her period and tell her use this shirt to clean yourself, he died for you – as the guard laughs.

These are based on accounts of freed detainees.

It’s all okay, the prisons of Syria have been declared some of the worst to exist..hundreds of thousands of women, men and kids are detained and thousands have died under torture and hundreds have been released with severe health issues both mental and physical.

To my loved ones inside and those I don’t know, I’m ashamed we live okay as you suffer right now and always.

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