End the siege on Moadamiya and #Damascus suburbs .. #Syria


–between a mother from Moadamiya suburb in Damascus and her son–

I can see them in the distance .. Mum what shall we do?

We can’t turn back..just keep walking..

But mum they’ll kill us?

Weren’t we dying already? Starving and bombed? What difference does it make?

Mum, it’s easier to die like that than be raped or tortured..what’s wrong with you?!

Look, I remember this checkpoint was good, well the less of the evil, he let bread in 1 day out of the over a year siege, so he might listen..

Mum you’re crazy..I

I’m crazy?! Shut up and have some respect. I’m older than you however old you become..you’re 13 and think you know more? Be quiet and walk. If your dad was here…

Mum can’t we go around in any way?

No, we are under siege. You idiot. No choice but to go past this checkpoint. Your sister died of malnutrition and her twin is on the way to death, I lost your dad and house and life I don’t want to lose more.

Mum, we will lose more. Up to you. Lets go.


(Bullets in the air)

Who are these animals? Hahahaha there’s over 50 of them look how disgusting they look with their scarves and long dresses. Loads of kids, just what we need to clean syria from so they no longer exist..am I right????

*they clap and celebrate*

Yes yes hahaha how do we do this? So dumb and so easy they’re coming right to us..God must love us today.

–at the mother–

What are you doing? And how can we help?

–mother to her son–

See I told you he was nice!! Have some respect.

–mother to soldier–

We have been under siege as you know and we needed some help getting out because ..


No worries my dear mother, come this way.

At this point the women and children were huddled together and several soldiers arrived. The women and girls were raped repeatedly and then all were tortured then killed. Their badly hurt bodies were found today near another suburb.

This dialogue did not happen in this instance but occurred before in another massacre where eyewitnesses lived to tell the story.. It may not have happened in this new massacre that happened today with terribly tortured bodies, but the women and kids found today dead were fleeing the regime forced siege as babies are dying daily of no food in Moadamiya, their pictures are horrific. Remember syria and do something to help.

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