#Homs, #Syria …. ;(

Every day my city gets worse every day more is taken by the regime and more of our family and friends and people are displaced every day it gets worse yet so many are blinded to the reality blinded to the fact the regime is bombing civilian homes to the fact our family homes are now occupied by alawites after the regime bombed our family out of the areas. It’s like what Israel did to Palestinians so why do you stand against Israeli crimes but support Assad crimes. Why have even the revolutionary people outside of Homs banned so much arms from reaching the men of Homs who are defending it from crazy Assad and Hezbollah and Iranian forces why? Why have revolutionaries outside of Syria not recognised Homs as the make or break of the revolution as its so important for Assad as it opens the road to his areas Tartous and Lattakia .. Why has no one realised? Why do we lack strategy or are we listening to orders from a third party? Looks like it.

Homs is lost. Maybe a handful of areas are left to fall. Well done to all who watched it happen. And thank you to those helping however small or big. We may see Assad include Homs in his Alawite state that his army has openly declared is to be made. My home is taken away and non-Syrians still come telling me its terrorists Rose it’s terrorists you know nothing …. Yes …. I the Homsi with my entire family in Homs and affected know nothing .. You know better!

Allah knows best and I ask Him to take our rights from all oppressors, that includes the one who sides with the oppressor from the comfort of their home.

On this blessed night..please Allah have mercy on the people..this is beyond anything anyone would have ever thought could happen

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