#Homs is not for Iran or Hezbollah or the Assad militia..it’s our home. #Syria


The Assad regime has finally reached Khalid Ibn Alwaleeds mosque..regime tv filming from inside it after they destroyed it. They entered the area and a massacre is very close to happening as they enter Alkhaldiyeh neighbourhood and the other besieged areas.

My worry isn’t the mosque or them taking the prophets companion’s mosque or body as an Iranian imam asked for them to do, my worry is the women trapped who will be raped, the children trapped who will be executed..my worry is the people who have been under siege for over 365 days and no one even recognised the siege or did anything to help save these lives.

This is the state of the ummah today. Bring them a film that no one knew about offending the prophet they will rip down the world, bring them women being raped and kids executed for their belief and no one blinks twice.

Shaam. In the words of Khalid Ibn Alwaleed “may the eyes of cowards never sleep” .. Where is he today .. His city Homs needs him

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