22.07.2013 – Khalid Ibn Alwaleed mosque&tomb destroyed. #Homs #Syria


Today 22nd July 2013 Bashar Al Assad and Hezbollah militia who have been following sectarian rules and continued to shell the prophet Muhamad’s friend: Khaled Ibn Alwaleed’s mosque and his tomb which he is buried in succeeded in destroying it almost entirely.

Mabrook to the Muslim world – you watched as his mosque was hit daily and today – his grave was destroyed. We don’t worship people alhamdulilah as Muslims we believe that once someone is under the ground we shouldn’t even mourn their death for more than 3 days, but it’s the concept …… It was an open sectarian call to destroy his mosque and they did it – and continue to shell those trapped in his neighbourhood called Al Khalediyah full of civilians.

Shame on the Muslim world. Shame on the Muslim world. Shame on the Muslim world. Death has not moved them. Rape has not moved them. Purposeful burning and destroying of holy graves linking to our prophet has not moved them. Orphans have not moved them. Displaced, starved, thirsty have not moved them.

I know some on my page will feel happiness seeing it burn, because this is their belief. My heart aches for my country that was a beautiful united country and when the revolution began it was a revolution of Muslims and Christians of different sects, I have Christian friends in prison and some free now and some dead who worked for this revolution because it’s not a wahabi Salafi messed up revolution as some love to label it – it’s a revolution to remove Assad as he oppresses his people and create a clean new Syria free of oppression as one cannot be at peace unless he has his freedom.

Yes it turned armed because we were attacked from day one. Yes Muslims and Christians fight together against Assad. Yes my family are destroyed and many dead and the rest entirely are displaced some I met in Lebanon and some in turkey and some still trapped in Syria. But little to no one says I wish this didn’t happen..my dads sister who I met after 3 years – she lost her son in this fight as he led a Free Syrian Army group and she is proud of him because she knows what the government has done to the people….and for her, he did what every able Syrian should do.

The sectarianism in this revolution was fueled by the sectarian government as the few Alawites involved in the revolution against Assad can say how the Assad regime used their sect to incite sectarianism and create problems. Others also played a role from Iran to Saudi.

But what is upsetting is the massive sectarian attack by Iran and Hezbollah completely dedicating now their lives weapons and money for the Assad regime. I saw it in Lebanon. It’s an open war to bring us down. They’re in my families houses and they’re shelling my remaining family. My family is the whole of Syria not just my relations. They’re satans and I pray this Ramadan Allah burns them (the guilty) here in this world and next. Ameen.

5 thoughts on “22.07.2013 – Khalid Ibn Alwaleed mosque&tomb destroyed. #Homs #Syria

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  2. Not even to lie you serve men!!! If your hord of drug adicts gang of armed Sunni junkies did not use the holy places, even not beeing for them, as terrorist bases, SAA certainly never would have attacked this sanctuary. Besides cowardice demonstrated, proves what everyone already knows, that you have no respect for anything or anyone! You are the typical image of the most dirty terrorist on it`s best. Well, comming here was a complete waist of time.

  3. Don`t know what happened with your familly, but I know very well what THOUSANDS of families have suffered in the last two years, at the hands of the slaves of the Americans and Zionists. Why not attack the real enemies of Islam, instead of slaughtering with Talibas and all the scum that nobody wants in other countries, peacefull working people, that most of them never even use a weapon.. Why don`t you attack Isra hell, U.S., or anyone else, why not? Becouse They are paying you as their slaves to do their dirty job, and sending weappons to your adventure.Don`t you feel shame of your self?!?!?

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