2nd day with the refugees in #Tripoli, #Lebanon. #Syria

Today we decided to take a different route away from the areas we covered previously. We went to X, an area known to be very poor and that was previously known as the hub for Lebanese crime however it is now bubbling with Syrian families. We met a young lady working hard with the displaced, she herself is displaced and has martyrs and orphans in the house. We went to see two widows who arrived recently from Alqusair.

They turned out to be from my home town Baba Amr from the area of Alsultaniyeh. Both their husbands were killed. One had 5 children including a new born baby and the other had 6 children. The third sisters husband was alive however injured in the head by a shell and so there was no income. They were found to be living in a house that was not finished in terms of building it was only made at its basics and I really didn’t think someone was inside. They were being made to pay rent for the rooms they were living in. They had nothing. If I try describe it it’s very hard but really a very hard situation.

We went to see another lady aged 22 who had two kids and was a widow living with her mum also a widow and her siblings.

We went to a lady where three young men were trapped in besieged Homs and her fourth son was dead and her fifth son was paralysed after being injured. Her daughter lived with her with three kids as the dad was trapped in Homs.

Another family was a woman with 4 young children, her husband disappeared in the Banyas massacre in Ras Alnab’ she had no home and was currently living in a semi ditch.

Another family we heard were on the streets so we went to see them. A family had taken them in but they needed a home. Three kids and a mum, their dad was detained as he tried to leave Syria.

Another female from Daraa had lost her husband under torture and was struggling with her young orphans in a Lebanese ladies house who was making their life very difficult.

And another young lady, 8 brothers each one has a story. Some dead, some their children are severely injured, some themselves are injured and paralysed. There’s no money.

Syrians in Lebanon need more support. Families went to queue for clothes today for hours while fasting and got nothing. They’re treated like filth and are made to pay more than they should for basic things despite them being widows or injuries. Young men needing nappies as they are paralysed and there’s no money for nappies? Women needing baby milk but there’s no money? Families needing money to rent as they are sleeping rough .. Syrians in Lebanon, don’t forget them. And be careful how and through who you send as a lot is sent but little gets to the really needy families.


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