A couple of hours with the #Syria|n refugees in Tripoli, #Lebanon.

Thanks to those who sent money with me to Lebanon. Of course whatever amount was collected is not enough but inshallah it will make a difference to some.


The photo shows where a group of Syrians have sought refuge. They’ve had to borrow money to build disposable houses. The walls will fall in this winter. There’s thousands your eyes can only see what’s in front. The photo on top is a row of roofs of a mini slum built with paper bags and cardboard. It’s boiling, they’re registered with the UN except the families who came out with no papers because they had to run fast and so these families are not recognised for example families from Alqusair.

A small story of a family I came across, they live in two rooms inside a factory. They worked for free in the factory so he would let them live in those two rooms. They’re from Hama province. Sadly when they asked for a small pay just to be able to eat, he decided to ask for 1 million Lebanese lera a month for the two rooms they are living in. So they accepted to work with no pay to have a small roof over their heads. So what was their story? The grandmother sat with half an arm, next to her were her three grandchildren who she informed us were orphans, their mum sitting smiling next to them. Their dad was killed in Syria. His mum starts telling me how when they killed him stabbing wounds all over his body, she covered his body with leaves to hide it as they wanted to find it. They came back and she said I don’t know where his body is, you took it? They continued to look. At that point his family took the body and put it in the Orentes river and tied it with ropes so it doesn’t take the body all the way to Turkey. She watched her sons body from far in the water for hours until the regime military moved away so they could get his body back. His wife sat their smiling with no comment. The kids are all under the age of 7 and he was 27. His wife then spoke how they were made to stand outside in a line and watch the execution of another relative in front of them by regime forces in Hama province.

Another widow with two small boys told me her husband was beaten to death all blue in Damascus suburbs. Another lady spoke of her brother who is now mentally retarded due to severe torture in regime prisons, we didn’t see him as he is afraid of people, they were from Homs.

The lady who took us around had lost her husband and mother in law in the massacre of Karam Alzaytoon in Homs and she was left with 3 kids.

Sadly whatever is done is not enough. The Lebanese government is not supportive of refugees and there are little to no charities allowed to work here.

Sawa for Syria (https://facebook.com/Sawa.4.Syria) are working hard in Beirut suburbs. As for Tripoli and other areas its the UN and individual efforts. If anyone wants to send money I can give to people living here who can distribute either to cover the rent to keep people from the streets or basic aid. Note sadly, some Lebanese people are charging through the roof prices for the rent of small rooms and so Syrians are suffering greatly just to refrain from remaining on the streets. The same group helping these families are working on psychological support and community support for Syrian refugees too https://facebook.com/#!/Ward.Team.PSP.Lebanon. There are other groups working which I have not met yet I pray they continue doing what they do.

Those in the streets, behind the rocks near the sea and under train tracks are another story.

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