He wrote he was hungry..God took him to heaven. #Homs #Syria

Don’t turn away because the image of the 8 year old is too ugly. This happened right now as you woke up to your Sunday breakfast.


Today marks the 2nd day of crazy sectarian brutal attack on besieged Homs areas which are: old homs areas, Alqsoor neighbourhood, Khaldiyeh neighbourhood, Alqarabees neighbourhood and Jouret Alshayah neighbourhood by Lebanese Hezbollah forces, Assad forces and Iraqi forces (those killed all documented by name and the specific area they are from).

As for today it has led to the death today of mother Hayfa Khatib and 8 year old son Ahmad Awama after their building was brought down by an air raid and now the rest of their family are critically injured within the siege with no way out and no treatment.

Little Ahmad a few days ago wrote on a wall in the siege “I’m hungry” and was photographed with it as you can see, we always share moments with the kids inside as even my little sister sends them messages and they reply. He died today.

Other bodies remain under demolished buildings and unreachable. Some are still recovered after a year of bombing and unrecognisable so buried with the name “unknown”.

The sectarian forces are trying to enter the areas that have been under siege for just over a year with support of Assad forces in the sky. These areas lie central Homs and have many many families inside who agreed to remain in the siege that the regime implemented because of FSA fighters. There is no way out for them now as sectarian forces surround all sides.

The Lebanese Hezbollah militia along with Assad forces in recent weeks have taken many of our family homes and killed or displaced our loved ones starting from Alqusair towards then Talkalakh and now central Homs.

For those supporting these sick actions shame on you and may Allah take you with these criminals to hell. It’s one thing to believe FSA are terrorists and another thing to justify the mass murder occupation and displacement of thousands of normal civilians including my family in the name of “fighting FSA” because its clear its a sectarian attack and its all clear what’s being done to my city.

My city Homs has been under attack for 2 years now and it’s led to thousands of its men and women and kids dead and thousands displaced and thousands detained and thousands missing. My friends who were detained and released are still recovering from torture and rape. The Homsi people along with all Syria have suffered so greatly.

Yesterday one of the activists inside besieged Homs areas wrote to all to stop being negative do something with your hand or spread the news or make dua. So you all have a choice of three. That’s our duty as we live safe and in peace so will be questioned for our actions during our blessed lives.

Rose x

2 thoughts on “He wrote he was hungry..God took him to heaven. #Homs #Syria

  1. I’ve been watching from a distance Assad wipe out entire sections of Syrian Cities, for over two years, absolute disgrace the world watches and does nothing,there are no words, I pray for you every day

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