#Homs now..

Assad regime forces are trying to enter the besieged areas of Homs in Syria. So many we know are trapped inside. These areas hold Muslim and Christian families who have been united for one year under siege. Many died and now the remaining are under violent air attacks and tank missiles and shells.

Unfortunately Assad is getting the positive backing of the world and the corrupt criminal factions of the FSA are the only ones getting coverage and not the ones fighting for a free Syria properly.

The protests and beautiful artistic revolution is no longer covered or recognised. Assad in sky and Hezbollah on land.

Homs has died over and over and now is being taken part by part by Hezbollah and Assad forces. Our homes have been taken. Our lands have been taken. Our families are displaced or refugees.

Hezbollah and Assad forces remind me of Israel and what it did to Palestine…..Threat, kill, displace, occupy and celebrate victory.

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