The Syrian “Nakba” – #Homs #Syria

4 year old Jomana Steif. The age of my little sister my angel. Jomana is one of thousands upon thousands of Syrian children murdered not only by Assad forces but by Lebanese Hezbollah sectarian militia groups.


She is from the area that holds one of the most famous castles in the world – people from the west used to visit yearly. Krak des chevaliers (Qalet Alhosn).

Hezbollah militia joined Bashar Al Assad over a year ago in taking our homes, including all my family. They recently displaced thousands from Alqusair in Homs city – my city – and now are working with Assad on taking the city of Talkalakh bordering Lebanon like Alqusair. Krak des chevaliers city is linked to Talkalakh and so is under Syrian and Lebanese fire……Though I refuse to label Hezbollah as Lebanese as the Lebanese people are great and refuse to name Assad forces as Syrian because the Syrian people are great.

This little girl was killed, as with many others. Hundreds injured. So many at threat of death as they’re all surrounded in this area as Hezbollah and Assad forces close in.

Nothing will happen to change this and no help will come. Please pray for them. Alqusair lost thousands as displaced and martyrs and injured as people fled leaving behind dead children trying to save who was still alive.

Syrian nakba. Never thought the word would come and be used but yes it is a Syrian nakba as our homes are occupied by pro government families and Lebanese sectarian militia.

God is great so my hope is in Him.

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