To the ICRC & others: Message from Alqusair activist Hadi Al Abdullah #Homs #Syria

Message from Alqusair activist Hadi Al Abdullah:

In the name of God most gracious most merciful

In the midst of our pains and feelings of neglect and absolute certainty that the international community has played a disgusting role in letting this happen to us..comes a decision to open humanitarian safe passages? A decision to bring us international aid? Gambling with our humanity or whatever is left of it…

We, the people of the city of Alqusair, send a clear message to the International Red Cross and all other human rights groups and other groups – we tell them that Alqusair is currently empty of its own civilians and residents – if a resident had remained they would have been killed, executed or burnt by the sectarian Hezbollah militia that has now occupied our homes.

The official residents of Alqusair are now displaced across Syria or refugees in nearby countries. They are living the worst of what life can offer as they make do with the absolute minimum.

We also confirm Alqusair is now a “Shiite” city occupied by Lebanese Hezbollah forces and they have made it easy to bring in Lebanese families and Alawite families to take over the city after it was completely emptied of its own residents over the past year and especially the past few weeks.

We also want to pick up on your plan for safe passage ways….a massacre was committed targeting those fleeing Alqusair under shelling and gunfire – injuries and civilians running for their lives – they were targeted and killed/injured yet we did not hear one word from you for safe passage ways? We received no emotion or attention or help as we struggled to evacuate the civilians and injured ourselves?

We conclude that all the plans and agreements being made to allow humanitarian aid into Alqusair does not represent Alqusair or its people – whoever wants to help the people of Alqusair, you need to go search for them across Syria or find them still walking on foot trying to find somewhere to live or go to surrounding countries and find them in tents.

We end by saying to all the international community and the external Syrian opposition that what the people of Alqusair needed was bullets to defend their lives and land from a brutal barbaric sectarian occupier that was fighting them…but you remained silent, you were the first who stood against us and let us down.

You can read the Arabic here

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