Dr Isa Abdur Rahman .. A beacon of hope during an era of darkness and hate. #Syria #London

Isa was a loved young man who was involved both within our local Muslim community and wherever there was a need. Thanks to him, several young boys come together for religious circles and activities and several girls do the same.

He had a vision, despite him having the chance to lead a good life as a doctor in the UK, he chose others over himself. He was selfless and I think that’s something most humans these days lack. He used his education, health and strength to help others through the British Syrian charity: Hand in Hand for Syria.

He was loved by everyone in Syria from injuries to displaced children living in terrible conditions. Even those in Turkey who met him have been writing messages in Arabic – the language Isa learnt within months to be able to communicate.

He followed a saying we have as Muslims which the Prophet Muhamad peace be upon him said: if you see a wrong then change it with your hand, and if you cannot then change it with your tongue, and if you cannot then change it with your heart (prayer) and that is the weakest of faith.

Isa saw suffering and pain and did his bit with his hand (by being a doctor working lengthy hours in a war zone), also by his tongue (he would come back to the UK and speak wherever he could to raise awareness and money for medical projects) and with his heart (being close to God and making prayers daily).

He had wanted to start a medical project for rape victims who he came across a lot in the north of Syria and start a medical project in Homs. As he lays in peace, enough funds have been raised to open a field hospital in Homs in his name: http://www.justgiving.com/for-isa

He will be missed within the community but his legacy will live on and all the local activities he started will continue.

As a Syrian, Isa is my inspiration and I aspire to be like him…being selfless and being a support to anyone suffering irrespective of race or religion.




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