Updated: Massacre in Kherbet Alsawda: 16 shot dead at minimum #Homs #Syria 15/05/2013

Updated 16/05/2013 with videos.


Updates in order since 1 hour ago till now.

First update: Homs: Kherbet Alsawda 15/05/2013

Over 13 injuries have arrived to the medical point in the northern suburbs of Homs after regime forces and shabiha entered the village storming the homes and executing 16 people from them women and children. Shelling on parts of the village continues as regime tries to enter it all.

The cause of injury and death seems to be gunfire. Other families who had the chance fled thus emptying most of the village with some parts still under shelling so regime can enter.

2nd update: massacre in Kherbet Alsawda 15/05/2013

Assad forces have committed a new massacre executing 16 people at minimum from them children using bullets.

The perpetuators are Assad forces who were positioned at the checkpoint next to the village after they shelled and besieged the village first.

From those killed are entire families, a short while ago 13 injuries arrived to one of the medical points in north Homs suburbs

It’s important to note this village was not only occupied with its own residents but was an area of displaced and refugees from around Homs. After the massacre was committed and some injuries saved and other families fled, regime forces moved out and resumed shelling so no one can reach the people inside or know who is dead or alive exactly.

3rd update: most recent: Kherbet Alsawda massacre

The names we have confirmed till now from the 16 corpses with more unreachable are :

Family 1:

-Adnan Qatash Alraheem (the father)
-His son Mohamad Alraheem
-His son Moayed Alraheem
-His son Bassam Alraheem
-His son Huthayfa Alraheem

Family 2:

-Mubarak Hasoun Alhameed (the father)
-His son Khalid Alhameed
-His son Ahmad Alhameed
-His son Mohamad Alhameed
-His child Woroud Alhameed
-His son Waleed Alhameed

Also Ghasan Alghadaan, 2 women and others who have not yet been identified.


Videos received 16/05/2013

Bodies still burning and already burnt bodies after being shot dead. Unclear if some were burnt alive 18+

Another massacre by sectarian regime forces

Lewa Usood Al Islam brigade manage to gain access and retrieve the bodies and bury them

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