My cousin Mohamad Alsheikh dies after battle..survivor of Assad prisons. #Homs #Syria

With great sadness but pride we bring to the world news of the martyrdom of Mohamad Alsheikh.

People of Homs know of him, he had planned a mass defection in Baba Amr, Homs almost 2 years ago and the plan was leaked … They detained and tortured him severely for over a year.

He was then released, I spoke to him calming myself on hearing his voice…alive.

He survived Assad prisons.

It did not stop him.

He went on to join the fight against Assad.

He lost his brother in January:

He went to help the people of Alqusair, working with his cousin and my cousin Oraba Idrees to free Abel village and ease pressure on Alqusair.

Both were injured.

Oraba survived as they could help him with minimal aid.

However, my aunts son Mohamad couldn’t survive with little aid and could not reach Lebanon.

My dads tears over his sister and her sons mean too much – my aunt who is a widow and brought them up as orphans is my hero. Please remember all in your prayers.

Photo of Mohamad injured.


Photo of Oraba who survived a second injury in a year.


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