UPDATE: Regime attack on Alwaar leads to 9 deaths at minimum. #Homs #Syria

UPDATE: death toll reaches 9 at minimum as bodies are still recovered

Homs Alwaar – a neighbourhood full of its own civilians and displaced from across the city (over half a million) is being shelled by regime 2013

Over 30 shells were documented to have fallen on the neighbourhood in the early hours of Friday.

In a previous post I mentioned that 3 martyrs fell however it has become apparent there are more. The newly named martyrs are:

1. Abduljabar Zaini (father)
2. Noura Tawakul (mother – Abduljabars wife)
3. Abdulfatah Zaini (son)
4. Another son who has not been named yet.
5. Rawan Zaini (daughter)
6. Mother of first named martyr above, Abduljabar Zaini (the grandmother) – she has not been named yet

Regime shelling led to destruction of their house and martyrdom of the entire family.

Several injuries fell as a result and were treated in random locations due to regime occupation of the local Alber Hospital which had been occupied by them for over a year.

The previously named martyrs who died in the same regime attack this Friday early hours are:

1. Father Abdulatheem Hakmi known as Abu Feras aged 65

2. Ezah Alturk, the granddaughter aged 10

3. The aunt, daughter of martyr Abu Feras: Yasmeen Hakmi aged 20

Photo of child martyr Ezah Alturk aged 10:


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