#Homs #Syria – Alwaar neighbourhood (full of civilians) under attack by regime leading to 3 martyrs at minimum. 10/05/2013

Homs Alwaar – a neighbourhood full of its own civilians and displaced from across the city (over half a million) is being shelled by regime 10/05/2013

Over 30 shells were documented to have fallen on the neighbourhood leading to 3 documented deaths and the death of another female who has yet not been named or filmed.

The shelling led to severe damage as well as fires in several buildings. The dead confirmed thus far are from one family.

Several injuries fell as a result and were treated in random locations due to regime occupation of the local Alber Hospital which had been occupied by them for over a year.

The martyrs are:

1. Father Abdulatheem Hakmi known as Abu Feras aged 65

2. Ezah Alturk aged 10 (granddaughter)

3. Abu Feras’s daughter Yasmeen Hakmi aged 20 (Ezahs aunt)

NOTE: regime forces have been slyly firing onto this neighbourhood in small careful amounts to not bring attention to how severe touching this area could be – it is the main safe neighbourhood holding displaced from the suburbs and city of Homs.

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