A month passed..rest in peace.

A month ago on Saturday we were told they were detained, my dads brother called his daughter and said the soldiers were being odd and then they never heard from them again.

My uncle and his son were tortured then killed by soldiers for being human and standing for what’s right and coming from an extended family of martyrs and detainees and homeless and refugees.

The day after they went missing, on the Sunday, they cruelly told his other son to come take the bodies from the regime military hospital.

Loosing them doesn’t hurt more than the rest of the martyrs of Syria and sometimes I say alhamdulilah they went as staying or being imprisoned and hurt daily would drive us mad.

I pray for his daughters my sisters who have endured so much but still plant hope in all our hearts.

I hope the day will come when my family who are now displaced everywhere can return to their homes, it will be hard having half of them gone but to see those still alive, return and try start rebuilding their lives will be a true moment of happiness for me and Syria.

I also pray God protects those remaining and we don’t loose more.

Rest in peace my uncle Mohamad Nour Alakraa and his son Ahmad Alakraa – two very special people who I hope to see in heaven.


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