Those Wounded, The Forgotten – ِِAmman, Jordan – 7/3/2013

God bless you Enas xx

Greater Syria

Refugees have been flooding into countries bordering Syrian, specially into Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. These forcibly displaced civilians suffer from one plight that changes form, some are wounded, others suffer from chronic diseases and psychological disturbances, and the list of tragedies and agonies is limitless. But, have we ever considered looking into the plight of those who come in wounded by the indiscriminate bombardment targeting Syrian cities/towns/villages? These wounded refugees suffer from harrowing pain and must undergo much therapy to recover from their wounds, most of which are very severe and sometimes life-altering. 

In an attempt to stand by the wounded refugees in Jordan, “This is My Life” voluntary group launched a campaign called “Your Are in Our Hearts”, which aiming to aid the wounded refugees in particular, offering means of support to them. The group is working on offering apartments for the patients and their families after they leave the hospital, on paying for recovery costs…

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