Raqqa Children Likely to Be Suffering from Effects of Chemical Weapons – 20/4/2013

Greater Syria




[Taken from Raqqa Media Centre  https://www.facebook.com/R.M.C.RAQQA/photos_stream ]

These eight displaced children are suffering the effects of burns from chemical weapons deployed by the Assad regime following an attack on the Raqqa province. These pictures were taken on 20/4/2013.

Doctors have carried out a series of tests, finding high levels of extremely toxic chemicals in all eight children. All are suffering the physical signs and emotional trauma of the attack that will leave them scarred for life.Authorities in Raqqa have issued an urgent appeal for help from anyone who is able to provide any sort of medical or humanitarian assistance for these traumatized  wholly innocent child victims. Anyone wishing to help should contact the Raqqa Media Centre at the link given below for further details. 

The children have been named as: 
1. Mohammad Yousef Hussein, aged 8
2. Mahmoud Yousef Hussein, aged 6
3. Yahya Yousuf Hussein, aged…

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